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Do you ever feel isolated or alone, even when you’re with other people? Do you feel like no one really knows you? Does it feel like everyone else knows what they’re doing and you’re just trying to get by? Or maybe you’ve been traumatized by life circumstances.

A lot of my clients have come to me because they were feeling that way. Despite those feelings, they had been hanging on, if just barely. Then something happened to make them realize that it wasn’t working anymore, or that they weren’t satisfied with living that way anymore. They decided it was time for a change.

One of the things that happens when you feel like you don’t matter is that you don’t share yourself with other people; you’re afraid that you’ll be rejected or criticized or misunderstood, because you have learned to criticize yourself and assume that everyone else will, too.

That’s one way that counseling can help. Counseling provides a safe space to be yourself and not be rejected. You can finally be listened to and understood.

I use EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), which helps people to deal with trauma, both “Big T” traumas like assaults or car accidents, and “little T” traumas like all of the things people do that seem to diminish you as a person and make you feel “less than.”

I also offer a counseling group for women who grew up in families where the children’s needs were not adequately met for a variety of reasons, including, among others, parental alcoholism, mental illness, or chronic physical illness, or possibly the death or absence of one or both parents. This group provides a wonderfully accepting and empowering experience for group members because they realize that they’re not alone; others have had similar experiences, thoughts, and feelings to theirs.

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